Dannon Low Fat Yogurt Smoothie is a delicious
grab-and-go snack that will put a smile on your
face! Our oh-so-drinkable smoothie is packed
with great fruit flavor everyone can enjoy.

  • Benefits good source protein
  • Benefits fiber
  • Benefits excellent source vitamin d

per 7fl oz serving


Simply delicious, simply drinkable!

Why we love yogurt

For something so simple, yogurt is truly special. There are so
many great benefits to adding yogurt to your daily routine!

  • Cultures


    Yogurt contains good bacteria. Adding
    yogurt (and these good bacteria) to your
    diet can help with the balance and diversity
    of bacteria in your gut, which is associated
    with better health.

  • Less Lactose

    Less Lactose

    Because yogurt often contains less lactose
    than some other dairy products, like milk, it
    is often an easier to digest alternative.
    a win for everyone.

  • Simply Versatile

    Simply Versatile

    Whether it’s to start your day,
    an afternoon
    snack, or part of
    a family-favorite recipe, there
    are so many great and
    delicious ways to
    yogurt into your routine.

  • A Simple Powerhouse

    A Simple Powerhouse

    Many yogurts contain
    protein, calcium,
    potassium, three important
    nutrients for your diet.