What’s so great about yogurt?

For starters, yogurt is a good source of nutrients that can help contribute to a healthy, happy lifestyle, and can be enjoyed anytime of the day.


Yogurt contains good bacteria. Adding yogurt (and these good bacteria) to your diet can help with the balance and diversity of bacteria in your gut, which is associated with better health.

Less Lactose

Because yogurt often contains less lactose than some other dairy products, like milk, it is often an easier to digest alternative. That’s a win for everyone.


Healthy living includes smart substitutions. Yogurt can add less fat and calories to recipes.


Many yogurts contain protein, calcium, and potassium, three important nutrients for your diet.


Sometimes it pays to listen to your gut. Yogurt contains good bacteria so adding yogurt to your diet can help with the balance and diversity of bacteria in your gut. Just one way yogurt can help contribute to well-being.


During the fermentation process, the active yogurt cultures consume much of the lactose found in milk, which often makes it easier to digest than other dairy products


There are tons of ways to incorporate yogurt into your life and one of the most fun is as a substitution for everyday foods such as oil, mayo, cream cheese and sour cream. Try it and see for yourself.

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We live in a busy world and that means it can be tough to get a variety of nutrients a busy body needs. That’s where yogurt can help play a role. Many yogurts contain calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein—all of these in a delicious, snackable cup.