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Our Company

Since 1942 we’ve been committed to providing wholesome products to the greatest number of people.

Our Company


Since the first day we began making yogurt in 1942, we have been constantly striving to perfect our craft to bring you the best yogurt that tastes great and enriches your well-being. Dannon makes a diverse and comprehensive range of approximately 200 types, styles and flavors of fresh and frozen dairy products to satisfy the evolving needs and desires of our consumers. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, Dannon makes yogurt at plants in Minster, OH, Fort Worth, TX, West Jordan, UT and Portland, OR.

Established in the US in 1942, Dannon is a subsidiary of Danone, the leading global food and beverage company focused exclusively on better-for-you foods. For almost 75 years, Dannon has been exceeding consumer expectations through its commitment to delivering high-quality, wholesome, nutritious and innovative products in the dairy category.

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  • We make more than 10 million servings of our delicious yogurts and smoothies every day to bring a smile to your face.
  • We make the broadest variety of yogurts
    and other cultured dairy foods to please our customers.
  • Dannon was founded in 1942 in NYC by Daniel Carasso, who came to the USA from France to escape the threats of World War II.


Dannon is a company of passionate people, energized by a mission that brings value to our work every day. In every aspect of the business, it’s easy to feel good about what you do at Dannon when you know the end product is providing a health benefit to our consumers. At Dannon, we are committed to a core set of values and attitudes that are:

  • COMMITTED to an ambitious future and exploring new opportunities
  • OPEN to learning and sharing and to ideas that once seemed impossible
  • DOERS who deliver results quickly through
  • EMPOWERING and developing people to take risks to take us further


Danone is the parent company of The Dannon Company, Inc. Danone has taken strategic steps to achieve a global presence and to focus on four areas of business with high potential built on health and vitality: dairy products, bottled water, baby nutrition and medical nutrition.

Danone and The Dannon Company are committed to being socially responsible companies and good corporate citizens. Danone is a recognized leader for its contributions to nutrition and health and was ranked best in class in a 2012 global Access to Nutrition Index for providing products that address both the problems of obesity and poor nutrition.

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