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From now on, some of our products will

feature Non-GMO Ingredients.

But what does it mean?

It means these products are made with Non-GMO Ingredients. The main ingredient in all of our yogurts, fresh milk, is not genetically modified. We take additional steps by testing our supply to ensure that no cross-contamination has occurred at the farm and the milk does notcontain any genetically modified materials. We also work closely with our suppliers to carefully select other ingredients, such as fruits and sugars, that have not been genetically modified for our yogurt recipes.

What are the products involved?

Whole Milk


Light & Fit


And it doesn’t end there.

Because most cow feed in the US is genetically modified today, we are also working with feed suppliers and our farmer partners to start planting non-GMO feed as soon as possible to fulfill our needs.Once these changes are implemented, your Dannon-brand yogurt and Oikos-brand yogurt will be made with milk from cows provided non-GMO feed.

To learn more about Dannon’s commitments, visit Dannon Pledge