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Fellow Application

The Dannon Company, Inc.

2015-2016 Dannon Yogurt and Probiotics Fellow Program Application Form

In 2015, The Dannon Company, Inc. will offer one college senior or graduate student, who excels in science and has an interest in the field of yogurt, probiotics, fermented dairy products, nutritional benefits of yogurt (e.g., probiotics, calcium, vitamin D), functional benefits of yogurt and/or probiotics on the body (e.g., digestive health, weight management, heart health) (“The Field”),
a scholarship of $25,000 either for tuition, or research related projects or as otherwise allocated at The Dannon Company’s discretion, payable to their educational institution, to support their continued education on related topics during the 2015-2016 academic year.

To qualify, individuals must be accepted and enrolled in a relevant undergraduate or graduate study program and be able to utilize the funds for the 2015-2016 academic year. Additionally, the following requirements must be met and demonstrated in order for the application to be considered:

  • Be a current full-time enrolled undergraduate or graduate student, 18 years of age or older, studying science during the 2015-2016 academic year at an accredited U.S. Institution
    • Note, only students who will fall within the following education levels in August 2015 will be considered:
      • Incoming or Current Graduate students with declared, relevant focus in the Field.
      • Undergraduate seniors with declared, relevant major and proof of intended graduate study within the Field during the 2015-2016 academic school year are welcome to apply. Proof of graduate school application(s) from the graduate program is required.
  • Be in good standing with their college / institution
    • Note, an official letter outlining the student's current status and standing from the college / institution and an official transcript are required.
    • Be currently enrolled in or applying to a graduate program with a focus in the Field.
    • Note, if currently an undergraduate senior, receipt of an application from your graduate program is required.
  • Receive a nomination and recommendation from two professors in sealed, unaltered envelopes sent directly from the professors.
  • Submit a written statement on how he/she would like to broaden his/her knowledge of yogurt and/or probiotics (nutritional or functional benefits).
  • Be a current United States citizen (proof of citizenship is required) or permanent U.S. resident (proof of residency is required)
    • Note, acceptable documents include copies of a valid U.S. driver's license and/or passport.
  • Deliver their complete application and recommendations within the allotted acceptance period (August 24, 2015 - December 4, 2015). Note, all applications must be postmarked by December 4, 2015.
  • Student applicants should be able to demonstrate:
    • Academic achievement,
    • Relevant career objectives,
    • Personal motivation to participate in the program.

For any questions regarding the Fellowship, please contact Roshan Farazad via email ( or telephone (212.704.8236).

The Dannon Company, Inc.

2015-2016 Dannon Yogurt and Probiotics Fellow Program Application Form

Please fill in each of the following fields on this cover sheet in addition to a current resume:
Legal name of Applicant*:
Mailing address*:
City, state zip:
Telephone number:
Fax number:
Email address*:
Current Status:  Undergraduate Senior Graduate School Student
Current Academic Institution*:
Academic Advisor*:
Mailing address*:
City, state zip:
Telephone number:
Fax number:
Email address*:
Major / Declared Focus of Study:
Current Academic Standing (GPA, Honors, etc.):
Completed and Current Course List:
Current Awards, Scholarships, and Fellowships:
If Undergraduate Senior, please provide the timetable for your graduate program. Are you currently enrolled; have you been recently accepted; are you still in the application phase?
Applicant Signature:
Academic Advisor Signature:

Please submit answers to the following questions adhering to the word limit provided (Note, all questions must be addressed and clearly labeled in order to be considered):

  1. Describe your current or intended field of study, and general accomplishments to date. (Maximum 200 words)
  2. Define what you hope to learn and accomplish in your continued education and how you plan to reach these goals, including measurable objectives. (Maximum 350 words)
  3. How do you plan to utilize your degree post-graduation? (Maximum 200 words)
  4. What uniquely qualifies you from other applicants? How will the Dannon Yogurt and Probiotics Fellow Program impact your graduate studies and future goals? (Maximum 350 words)

To complete your application, please identify at least 2 professors to provide written recommendations. Each professor must mail their signed letter of recommendation separately from the rest of your application directly to the indicated recipient. Additionally, please send an official transcript along with your application, as well as an official letter from your institution's registrar or advisory offices confirming your current academic standing and status. All of the above must be sent in separate envelopes directly from the professors and institution.

In order for your application to be considered complete, please ensure the following documents are included:

  • Cover Sheet with all contact information and academic standing
  • Written statement addressing outlined questions
  • Official letter from a Dean or institution's Registrar Office confirming current enrollment
  • (2) Professor Recommendations
  • Current (and any relevant previous) academic transcripts
  • Receipt from graduate programs of application (if currently an undergraduate senior)
  • Proof of United States citizenship or permanent residency
  • Signed acknowledgement of Dannon Probiotics Fellow Program rules (page 6 of this document)

If You Meet The Application Criteria:

In order for us to consider your request, please complete the requested information and mail it to Dannon's public relations agency at the following address between August 24, 2015 and December 4, 2015. Note, all applications must be postmarked by December 4, 2015.

Roshan Farazad
Edelman, on behalf of The Dannon Company, Inc.
250 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

Before submitting your application, please review all of the following information and Program rules carefully:

Application Review and Selection:

After you submit your application, you will receive an email acknowledgement from Edelman, Dannon's Public Relations agency, on behalf of The Dannon Company. Edelman will collect and review all applications upon receipt to ensure they are complete. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. All complete applications will then be carefully reviewed by a qualified panel of experts and researchers. The recipient will be informed by February 8, 2016. The Dannon Company reserves the right to not share details behind the selection process and to not inform applicants that were not chosen.

Scholarship Allocation:
Funds provided by The Dannon Company as part of the Dannon Probiotics Fellowship Program are restricted for use either for tuition, or research related projects or as otherwise allocated at The Dannon Company's discretion. The Dannon Company will work directly with the recipient's graduate school finance department to credit $25,000 for the 2015-2016 academic year.

No payment will be made until evidence is received that student was officially registered for the Fall 2015 semester and will be given directly to the school by The Dannon Company on behalf of the student in one installment of $25,000. The installment will be paid during the Spring 2016 school semesters. Proof of full-time school attendance and a letter of good standing will be required at the beginning of each semester in order for The Dannon Company to transfer the funds.

If the student chooses not to, or is for any reason unable to follow-through with their intended academic pursuits in the Fall of 2015, The Dannon Company reserves the right to award the scholarship to another applicant. In addition, should the student discontinue their intended academic pursuits during the academic year, The Dannon Company will suspend payment of the scholarship’s installment and reserves the right to award the remaining funds to another applicant.

Recipients of this scholarship are required to provide progress reports each semester on all academic work and achievements
for one (1) entire academic year from the time funds are transferred. specifically, any research projects conducted by the recipient in which scholarship funds are utilized, are subject to review by The Dannon Company. Should any research result in published content, the recipient must inform The Dannon Company. Upon review, The Dannon Company reserves the right to be listed as a contributor / supporter to the student researcher.

Public Disclosure and Public Relations Activities:

Upon acceptance of the scholarship, the recipient gives the right to The Dannon Company, and its Public Relations agency (Edelman), to announce the recipient’s name and detailed academic information on The Dannon Company’s online properties and social media channels, and in press materials (including, but not limited to: press release, mat release, website, social media outlets). Additionally, the recipient may be asked to participate in media interviews regarding the fellowship and their academic pursuits. There is no additional compensation for any public relations activities, which will not exceed a total of 1 day /8 hours of the recipient’s time.

By my signature below, I acknowledge, understand, accept and agree to comply with the information and rules contained in this document.

Applicant Signature: